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Online support

Online consulting

Our online consulting is aimed at all difficult circumstances and provides assistance in case of

*anxiety *depression *drugs *marital problems *solitude *education *integration *abuse *bullying *care

Online support
(female adviser)

Help for victims of sexual abuse/ assault

female adviser

Our advisers could provide assistance exactly in case of sexual abuse. The online consulting is for free and confidential.

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Report on distress and injustice

In case of noticing distress and injustice, you can inform us about this using the contact form and you get help.

We are the bridge between people, which notice problems and organizations, which solve these problems professionally.

Hamza Wördemann

Blog posts

The System of Youth- and Social Welfare in Germany

After giving a brief introduction, Mrs El Morabiti raised the topic System of Youth- and Social Welfare in Germany at the kick-off event on 17th March 2018. Here she first clarified why Social Welfare actually exists and what its task is. To put it in a nutshell: Social Welfare exists so that every human being can lead his life in such a way that it corresponds to the dignity of the human being.

Principles of a consultation (on the phone)

Talking to victims or third parties who have experienced (sexual) abuse is anything but easy. The person on the phone must not only build trust so that the callers tell what has happened to them or others. They must also be aware of their responsibility because they are acting in a highly sensitive area. This is exactly why there are principles when giving a consultation on the telephone.

Practical Examples or: Why Jadati is needed

The following cases aren´t pleasant to read, but they still have to be described. When people are made aware of what victims have to go through, they will also become aware of the importance of projects like Jadati and understand why this kind of projects are relevant and can save people. That´s the reason why we will now describe two cases which have actually happened.

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Your guidepost in time of need

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